2021 Registration will open Mid-February!

Week 1: June 28 – July 2, 2021

Week 2: July 26 – July 30, 2021

A variety of remote workshops are offered in both weeks for your convenience. View the workshop descriptions for date(s) offered.

Both registration and payment are required for enrollment into a workshop, and enrollments will be capped at 30 participants per workshop.

The registration deadline is June 12, 2021 and July 10, 2021 for Week 1 & Week 2 respectively. Payment in full for workshop participants is due by the registration deadline.

Online Registration Form

Our registration form is only available online and no payment is needed at the time of registration form submission. Once a teacher completes the online registration form, they will receive an email with instructions on how to pay either online with a credit card or by check/purchase order. This email may be forwarded to school administrators for payment processing. Teachers should register themselves, as registrations must be tied to a College Board® account.


All cancellations must be submitted via email. For cancellations received after the registration deadline, remote workshop participants will be assessed the required cost of College Board materials. Any cancellations received within 14 days of the opening of the AP® Summer Institute or during the Institute will result in forfeiture of all tuition and fees paid.

Photography and Contact Information Policy

During the AP® Summer Institute, screen captures or short videos may be taken of participants, classes, and networking events that may be used for future promotional materials including, but not limited to printed materials and web publication. Some past participants have also elected to compile a list of names and email addresses of their workshop colleagues to facilitate future professional collaboration. If you do not wish to be included in photos or do not wish to have your name and email address shared among fellow workshop participants, please submit your request via email to the Summer Liberal Arts Institute office (summer@carleton.edu).