Weekly Informational Booklet

We have put together a booklet for each week with resources, policies, and contact information. Choose your week and download your booklet!

APSI Online Week 1 Booklet
APSI Online Week 2 Booklet

APSI Schedule

Daily schedules differ between workshops and will be communicated by your Consultant. If you have questions about your daily schedule, please reach out to your Consultant.
All workshops will amount to 30 total hours of training with an average 50:50 mix of independent and group learning (asynchronous and synchronous training). Training will take place for an average of 6 hours per day between the times of 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

Online Platform Information


Owing to the transition to online workshops this year, we will be providing all participants access to a workshop Moodle site; Carleton’s preferred online Learning Management System (LMS).  AP consultants are encouraged to share easily accessible course content and learning materials with you using this or an equivalent LMS.  Prior to the start of the workshop, we will provide details for how you can obtain access to this LMS. We will provide training opportunities and help-desk support prior to and during the APSI session.

For help setting up your Carleton Moodle account, please visit this Moodle Instructions Document.


Additionally, all workshops will be composed of asynchronous and synchronous pedagogical practices.   For the synchronous components of the course, we will be encouraging consultants to utilize Zoom for class sessions. Helpdesk support will be available during the APSI session to address any technology related challenges you may face.

Immediate zoom assistance is available during weekday mornings from 8:00AM – 12:00PM.

ITS Helpdesk

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30AM – 5:00PM CST

Phone: 507-222-5999

Email: helpdesk@carleton.edu

Or, submit a helpdesk ticket online.

Carleton APSI Zoom Backgrounds

Delivery of College Board® Materials

This year, the College Board will be shipping bundles of AP® materials directly to participants. Please be sure that the address entered in CVENT during your workshop registration is the address you would like used when materials are shipped to you. The College Board® does require that we place orders for materials at a minimum of three weeks prior to the start of the APSI workshop to ensure they will arrive on time. If you formalize your place in a workshop with payment less than three weeks prior to the start of the workshop, we can not guarantee you will receive your AP® materials prior to the start of the workshop. 

June 19th: Target Week 1 delivery date*

June 26th: Target Week 2 delivery date*

*International shipping or registration after the guaranteed delivery date may result in delayed delivery of College Board® materials. Consultants have been notified that some participants may be missing College Board® materials during the workshop.

For international participants, the College Board® is not mailing materials directly to international addresses this year. However, we are happy to support your enrollment by mailing these materials to you from Carleton. This will require that we order your materials from the College Board®, have them shipped to Carleton, and then ship them to your international address from Carleton. Owing to this extra step in the shipping process, it is very likely that your AP® materials will arrive during the workshop or even after the workshop concludes. AP® consultants have been made aware of this challenge and have been asked to accommodate your learning needs during the workshop.

Workshop Attendance

Full attendance of the workshop equals 30 hours and each participant’s attendance will be recorded. At the conclusion of the week, total hours of workshop attendance will be verified and will be included on Certificates of Participation that will be processed and emailed to each participant. Depending on the specific guidelines of your district, you may be able to use this certificate as documentation for Continuing Education Units.