APSI Participants in class and playing a game in the dining hall

Before the Institute:

Online Platform Information


In an effort to enhance your learning experience during our online workshops, we will be providing all participants access to a workshop Moodle site; Carleton’s preferred online Learning Management System (LMS). AP® consultants are encouraged to share easily accessible course content and learning materials with you using this or an equivalent, approved LMS. Prior to the start of the workshop, we will provide details for how you can obtain access to this LMS. Additionally, Carleton ITS Helpdesk support will be made available prior to and during the APSI session. 

For help setting up your Carleton Moodle account, please visit this Moodle Instructions Document.


All online workshops will be composed of roughly a 50:50 ratio of asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities. For the synchronous components of the course, we will be encouraging consultants to utilize Zoom or another approved online conferencing platform for class sessions. Participants are expected to comply with the full thirty hours of synchronous and asynchronous expectations as shared by your workshop consultant.   

Immediate zoom assistance is available during weekday mornings from 8:00AM – 12:00PM.

ITS Helpdesk

Hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30AM – 5:00PM CST

Phone: 507-222-5999

Email: helpdesk@carleton.edu

Or, submit a helpdesk ticket online.

College Board® Materials

All APSI participants will receive full access to digital files of the required College Board® issued materials that pertain to their workshop.  These materials will be uploaded to the workshop-specific LMS (Moodle) site and can be downloaded prior to the start of the workshop.

Should participants wish to obtain hard copies of these materials, they are available for a cost of $35 on the College Board Online store.

During the Institute:

Weekly Informational Booklet

Please take a moment to download and read through the booklet for your week to familiarize yourself with institute resources, opportunities, and expectations, including important dates and deadlines.

Carleton APSI Booklet Cover displaying photos of Carleton's campus and the text "Week 1: June 28 - July 2 2021"
Carleton APSI Booklet cover displaying photos of campus with the text "Week 2: July 26 - July 30, 2021"

APSI Schedule

During the Institute:

  • Monday, June 28
    • 2:00PM CT: Grade contracts emailed to participants
  • Tuesday, June 29
    • 5:00PM CT: Grade contracts due
  • Thursday, July 1
    • College Board survey emailed to participants
  • Friday, July 2
    • End of Workshop

After the Institute:

  • Within two weeks of workshop completion
    • Certificates emailed to participants
  • Early August
    • Grades available for those earning graduate credit

Carleton APSI Zoom Backgrounds

Workshop Attendance

Full attendance of the workshop equals 30 hours and each participant’s attendance will be recorded. At the conclusion of the week, total hours of workshop attendance will be verified and will be included on Certificates of Participation that will be processed and emailed to each participant. Depending on the specific guidelines of your district, you may be able to use this certificate as documentation for Continuing Education Units.