Sunsetting AP @ Carleton

Beginning in 2024, Carleton will no longer be hosting AP Summer Institutes.

Carleton has prided itself on hosting robust in-person AP Summer Institutes, which welcomed thousands of teachers, for 43 years. Market pressures and scheduling challenges have factored into the decision to end Carleton’s legacy of offering AP training.

To all the educators and consultants who gathered at Carleton throughout the years, thank you. On this page you will find resources for contacting our office and obtaining your academic records pertaining to training completed at AP @ Carleton.

Certificate of Participation

Each APSI participant received a Certificate of Participation after the institute. In recent years, certificates were sent by email. Prior to 2019, certificates were distributed as hard copies upon departure of the Institute. View the Academic Credit Details tab for more information about certificates.

To request a copy of your certificate, email our office at with your name and year of attendance.


Transcripts are available by request, and all transcript requests are handled by the Carleton Registrar’s Office. Please follow the instructions on their website to submit your request.

APSI Memories

Contact AP @ Carleton

Please direct any questions or inquiries about Carleton APSI to Beth Vivant.

Photo of Beth Vivant
Beth Vivant
SLAI Coordinator