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Student Support: Advising, Counseling & Health

General Assistance
Academic Advising & Tutoring
Support Topics
Your RA & Hall Director are good first stops for general questions about personal problems, conflicts, classwork, etc.
Your Class Dean can help you with almost anything, from course extensions to general questions.
Student Health & Counseling offers confidential, professional counseling in one-on-one or group counseling sessions.
The Chaplain provides religious services and opportunities for spiritual exploration, personal growth, and confidential support.
The Carleton Connections Program and Intercultural Affairs offer advising for multicultural students.
The Career Center can advise you on career choices and post-college plans.
The Gender & Sexuality Center offers support on topics of sexuality and gender.
The Advising Handbook offers a good overview of advising options.
The Write Place can help you at all stages in your writing, from the idea to the final draft.
The Math Skills Center can assist with math coursework, tutoring, study space, review sessions, and more.
TRIO/Student Support Services advises and mentors first generation students and students from low-income backgrounds.
Your Academic Advisor helps you select courses, make career choices, and set long-term goals.
ESL Tutors work with students for whom English is not their first language.
Prefects facilitate group study sessions in many subjects.
Student Departmental Advisors offer an informed student perspective on courses and requirements.
Illness & Injury
Sexual Misconduct (Assault & Harassment)
Sexual Health & Gynecologic Care
Sexual Orientation
Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Eating Disorders
Immunizations & Travel
Interpersonal Conflict & Relationships
Depression & Mental Health
Health Insurance

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