Puttin’ you in a Fix since 2006…

Colin, Travis and I met at 4th and College street, in Fall Term of 2006. I brought the Grain, Travis brought the Hops, and Colin brought the yeast (quite inadvertently, to be honest). We threw together our first batch of American Amber Ale using an Igloo™ beverage-cooler as a mashtun.

Such are the words of the Three Oaks Brewery founder, Jake Kring, at the onset of the brewery. Since then, sadly, this brewing pioneer has graduated, but before he went on into “the real world,” he left Carleton and a few of the brewery’s faithful members with a charter.

We are committed to cultivating, both in our members and in the greater Carleton community, a healthy respect for the cultural and culinary traditions associated with Beer. At the risk of sounding preachy, every beer purchased is a vote for a system. When you purchase a watered-down, mass-produced lager you vote for a system that relies upon absurd quantities of fossil fuel and a vast network of unsustainable infrastructure. When you drink with us, you vote for a local operation.

In keeping with those values, we use only the freshest ingredients and aim to be more sustainable each term. Moreover, we pride ourselves on producing beer that defies the conventions of college drinking, promoting a style of socializing that we feel is healthier, more productive, and downright funner than that which is all too common on college campuses. In short, our beer is brewed with a very specific social setting in mind: good company, good conversation, and good music. We expect nothing less of you, and you should expect nothing less of us.

For the upcoming years, we hope to be able to do several brews each year, and ideally at least one every term. We’re always excited for new members to join, regardless of whether they’ve been brewing their whole lives or don’t even know the ingredients that make up beer. We’re also hoping to continue previous traditions such as growing our own yeast, holding cooking competitions to design meals to pair up with our beer, and designing bottles.

Anyone wanting to stay updated on our events should contact one of us and we will gladly add you to our email list.

The Three Oaks Brewing Team