SUMO can assist other student organizations in showing movies they request. At times, requested movies may be added to the term lineup. Other times, requested movies may be for a specific audience, and the show time may be outside the typical SUMO weekend schedule. The SUMO representative will work with student organizations in both cases.

SUMO can provide funding for student organizations wanting to show films outside the confinements of SUMO’s traditional movie line up. The purpose in doing this is to help strengthen the impact and the voice of student organizations through the power of film and involve additional student organizations at Carleton. Film can be an important and educational experience that is becoming unparalleled in the field of information and enlightenment. To this end, SUMO is committed to assisting student organizations with funding for film rights whenever possible.

Funding for partnerships comes from the SUMO budget which is provided on an annual basis via the CSA spring allocation process. The amount of funding varies from year-to-year, therefore the amount SUMO is able to support student organizations also varies. CSA and SUMO are deeply committed to lending a voice to all student organizations that want to share a message with the student body.


  • Movies for student organizations shown outside of the confinements of the regular SUMO schedule must be open to the campus community.
  • SUMO will not sponsor any film containing overly explicit sexual content or subject matter than may be unnecessarily disruptive to the campus community.
  • Rights to the film must be obtainable for purchase or be of public domain.

Please use the form below to apply for funding for your student organization. Please note that applications are reviewed in order they are received and applying does not guarantee funding. Student organizations are advised not to promote their event until a funding confirmation is obtained from SUMO. All applications are reviewed by a committee of student peer leaders once a week during academic terms. The process may take up to 10 days, so applicants are encouraged to plan in advance. Also note, that when responding to applications, SUMO is not required to provide explanations or feedback regarding the review of applications. Student organizations may receive a simple “yes” or “no.”

SUMO Sponsored Film Application

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