Kayla Passino ’23

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Joey, Hosting Coordinator
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Kayla Passino

Leesburg, Virginia


Education, Computer Science, Spanish

I’m involved in… “the Tutoring Hotline Program as a tutor. This year, I was also a member of the Women’s Club Ice Hockey team and the Carleton Choir.”

In my free time… “I enjoy productively procrastinating, doing any type of puzzle (logic, crossword, jigsaw, etc.), and reading. I also like to bake and paint even though I’m horribly awful at both.”

Kayla became an overnight host because… after being very undecided for the entirety of the admissions process, she was won over by the Carleton community during an overnight visit thanks to her wonderful host. She enjoys hosting prospective students because she gets to share her Carleton experience with them and learn about their interests as well!

Feel free to reach Kayla at passinok@carleton.edu

21 September 2018