McKenna Wirth ’22

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McKenna Wirth

McKenna Wirth ‘22

Duluth, Minnesota and Alexandria, Virginia



I’m involved in…“theater groups, Synchrony II, Carleton’s Equestrian Team, and Russian Club.”

In my free time…“I like to read science fiction, play video games, organize my room, and relax with my friends!”

McKenna loves hosting prospective students because…it gives them both a chance to connect more. By spending more time on campus, prospective students can meet a wider variety of people and get a better taste for what it’s like to be a Carl. A better idea of what day-to-day life is like on campus is very helpful, regardless of where a students ends up. McKenna thinks Carleton is a great place and she likes being able to share my favorite parts of the school with others!

Feel free to contact me at:

17 June 2019