Maya Rogers ’22

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Maya Rogers

Maya Rogers ‘22

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Biology/Spanish/Public Health

I’m involved in… “SWIRL, Questbridge, TRIO, and a Disability Services Peer Leader.”

In my free time… “I visit SWA dogs, help people with schoolwork, and talk to profs! I also love crafting (right now it’s origami) as well as reading!”

Maya has been a host since her freshman year, and she absolutely loves hosting students. Maya loves Carleton and considers herself to be pretty knowledgeable about it. She absolutely loves sharing her love and knowledge of Carleton with others. In particular, Maya loves to help prospective students of color, low income students, Questbridge students, students with disabilities, and TRIO students because she is particularly knowledgeable about the support Carleton provides in these areas. However, Maya has loved every student she’s have hosted no matter their background or interests.

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