Isaac Crown Manesis ’23

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Isaac Crown Manesis

Chicago, Illinois


Math, Geology, Philosophy

I’m involved in… “Model UN, the Carletonian, and I choreograph for Synchrony II. I also do graphic design for the Music Department, where I make all of the posters advertising Carleton music events that get put up around campus, in town, and on St. Olaf’s campus.”

In my free time… “I read, climb, swim, photograph stuff, make clothing once in a while, and run in the Arboretum.”

Isaac is a tour guide because … his overnight visits were the most informative parts of his college search. He learned so much from talking to current students and wanted to be able to be a similar recourse for students looking at Carleton. He has had an incredible experience at Carleton and wants to share what he’s learned with prospective students.

Feel free to reach Isaac at

06 October 2019