From many roots, we form one tree.”

In June 2020 board members of BSA, ACA, MOC, and SDAs of the Africana Studies departments joined efforts in advocating against racial injustice and demanding institutional accountability and change at Carleton. This coalition, previously known as the Black Student Organizations (BSO), compiled eleven immediate student demands that were submitted and presented to the College Leadership Team on June 4th. The demands addressed the need for anti-racism training for current and future faculty and staff, institutional support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, the establishment of a Black Center on campus, etc. The full list of demands can be found here.


Our purpose for the Ujamaa Collective is to formally establish unity between the Black student organizations and the overall Black community at Carleton to combat systemic, structural, and institutional anti-black racism. 


The Ujamaa Collective aims to create a sense of unity in the Black community for the current and future Black students at Carleton and the broader Black community. A joint initiative sprouting from the Black student organizations: African and Caribbean Association, Black Femmes Collective, Dark Humor, Men of Color, and the Black Student Alliance. These groups composed a list of demands to implement anti-racist policies and programs.

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