Mind the Gap (MTG) is a student organization that wants you to take a gap year! 

We are a friendly group of Carleton students that meets bi-weekly to share experiences of our time abroad and to socialize! Explore this site to learn more about taking a gap year before, during, or after your time at Carleton!

Mission Statement

The purpose of Mind The Gap is to create an inclusive environment where members of the Carleton College community can share their experiences of taking a break from traditional learning. In addition to providing information about taking time off before or after enrolling in college, the organization seeks to build a community of curious students with rich life-experiences that will have an impact on the greater Carleton College community. We are inspired to reach out to the prospective student population and to make them aware of opportunities outside of the traditional college path. Awareness of alternative learning opportunities and their integration into the Carleton community will create a positive learning environment and a well-rounded student body.