Q: What is Reformed Druidism?

A: Reformed Druidism is that feeling when you see a little bird hatching from an egg in the spring. It is a deep personal drive for religious truth, a drive so important that you will follow it no matter where it takes you. It is a journey, perhaps with occasional wayside rests, but still a journey whose only distant destination is truth. If this seems helpful, take heart. A complete explanation would take volumes, in large part because if Reformed Druidism is one thing, it is something unique to every practitioner.

If you want something more specific, here is an attempt from 1965 at explaining what the Druids are; some things are outdated or deceptive.

Q: Do Reformed Druids have scriptures?

A: Not really. We are a living experience that cannot be encompassed with pen & ink. We do have some reflective writings from past members, but most people ignore them as silly. Instead, most Druids seek inspiration from various philosophical and religious writings that they find attractive. Some Druids find that events in their everyday lives provide plenty of inspiration No two Druids have the same background of ideas, which makes our interactions all the more productive & unpredictable.

Q: What do Reformed Druids think about the Earth?

A: Most of us agree that the Earth is good; so much so that we affectionately refer to her as the “Earth-mother”. Everyone today realizes that we have to be environmentally aware of the earth’s cycle and the Druids often go a step further. While many of us find spiritual fulfillment in the lofty aeries of theoretical theology, we also realize that the material world can also teach us spiritual lessons. We can find truths in the eternal cycles of life and death and in the passing of the seasons. We recognize these lessons by marking the seasons with rituals to express these lessons.

Q: Do I have to abandon my previous religion to become a Druid? Do I have to be Pagan?

A: We welcome people of all religions and philosophies to the group, provided they can interact respectfully and maturely. Reformed Druidism does not require (nor does it desire) that you change religion. It only asks you to examine your beliefs and expand your understanding of alternate systems. It is far better to be able to expand the understanding of one’s own religion than to wander aimlessly, although for some members, such wandering may lead them to new religions or philosophies that they may find better suited to their life.

Q: What kind of activities do Druids do?

A: Most of the time it’s just talking together, sharing ideas and telling each other about good courses to take. Other times we may meet to quietly meditate or go for nature walks. Occasionally we get together for a service to mark the passing of the seasons and pause to reflect how similar cycles of ebb and flow also occur in our daily lives. Some members prefer to do Druidical activities on their own with only the occasional interaction of the group. Many members drift away after they find that they don’t need the group anymore, others stay behind to help future members in their searches.

Q: Are you guys a cult? I mean, do you do animal sacrifice or brainwashing?

A: Nope, No and No. We’re a club for people looking for truths and who are willing to share their insights. We do offer up the the occasional oak-branch or wild flower at our services, but then again the Christians often offer up bread and wine. Any “sacrifice” is simply an offering, we don’t like the idea of killing things.

Q: So what’s the point?

A: The Search is its own reward.