The International Druid Archives began in 1993 to provide information to the Carleton Grove of the RDNA (and scholars) about the other Druid groups in the world. It is kindly maintained by Carleton College Archivist, Eric Hilleman, who also monitors dozens of other more important projects. Therefore be patient and polite when making any type of request from him.

Any Druid group that wishes to have their information archived for posterity, merely has to send us free copies. Basically, to access the publications from other Druid groups you have to either physically visit, or arrange to bribe some young druids here (say about $10/hour) to photocopy large amounts of documents for you.

For those of you who aren’t prescient there is a fancy index to the archives available from or from his website. However, the index is, at the moment wildly innaccurate and out of date. Anything you see listed may be difficult to find. However, hope is on its way as the index is being reworked for the first time in at least six years. So, feel free to bug Mike until such a time as it is actually finished and he finally updates it on his website.

Eric Hilleman can be reached:

The archives are open 9-5pm, Mon-Fri, Year Round, please make reservations before visiting. The archives are in the basement of the Lawrence Gould Library on Carleton College‘s beautiful campus.

Carleton is only 35 miles south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St.Paul and is easy to find on the map. We have wonderful hotels or you can secretly camp in our 410 acre wooded arboretum filled with strange monuments of unknown origin that pre-date the arrival of the Carleton Druids in 1963.