Welcome to our grove’s online presence. From an illustrious history we maintain a quiet presence on campus. We sing folk songs, walk in the forest, and make secret hiding places for ourselves.

The Reformed Druid World

The Carleton Druids are responsible for introducing the Waters of Life into nature ceremonies around the world. From the humorous rebellion of our founders in 1963 was birthed a thousand groves of experimentation, exploration, and merrymaking.

Carleton Grove Rules

The Carleton grove has some longstanding traditions, which interested students should probably get to know:

  1. The RDNA is open to people of all religions.
  2. All public Druid events are drug and alcohol-free. Initiations are not held in public.
  3. Electronic devices may be used respectfully during events. The Archdruid leading the event holds the say as to their use.

The Carleton Grove and our sister organizations

All Reformed Druid groves are independent and equal to us. We have no authority over our fellow druids. Our responsibilities are to execute the will of the Council of Dalon Ap Landu, which has not met since 1971, and to maintain the Druid Archives for future generations.

  • If you were hoping to associate with the RDNA directly, go ahead and get outside, and send Mike an e-mail if you want to get in touch! You don’t have to live in North America to become part of our circle of friends.
  • One attempt at international Druid fellowship in the RDNA spirit is Reformed Druids.
  • If you’re looking for a more organized Druid tradition try Ár nDraíocht Féin or Keltria.