Our Pre-Health Mentor Program is designed to match upperclassmen with first years and sophomores to help build the community of pre-health students at Carleton and to connect freshmen and sophomores with a friend able to provide advice and answer questions.

At the beginning of fall term, you can join the program as a mentor or mentee by filling out a questionnaire meant to help the CPA pair you appropriately. Then, we will have one hour-long orientation session for mentors to run through program expectations and guidelines.

After mentors and mentees are matched, the rest is up to you! We will be here for any overarching questions or concerns, but we hope you all will stay in contact and meet often, providing each other with guidance and support. We hope you sign up and help us strengthen the pre-health community on campus!

If you are a current mentee or mentor who would like to be matched with a different mentor or mentee, fill out the form below.

If you have questions or would like more information about the mentorship program, please contact Trevor Jones ’23 (jonest3@carleton.edu).