Jacob Flignor

Name: Jacob Flignor

Nickname: Spoons

Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Height: 4.36 BLACK+DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioners

Weight: Thicker than Ben Mellin

Favorite Position: LOOGY

Favorite Republican: Tim Tebow

Favorite GoP Alum: Professor Tucker

Favorite CUTboy: The yellow NSW headband Tim Schoch wore at club nationals

Favorite Syzygite: Allegra!

Favorite Eclipser: Yeepers

Favorite Karl: Michael Karlsen

Favorite Nova: Grace Farwell

Favorite Drink: The water from the rightmost fountain drink in Sayles

Bowling High Score: 7.875

Personal Achievements: Momentarily held a 1354 ELO on chess.com

Favorite Quote: “Hold me, Annie. Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo, so long ago when there was nothing but our love.”

Favorite Real Sport: Madden 11

Number of 12-year-olds you realistically think you could beat up at once: I could beat up most 12 year olds at Madden 11.

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done (other than playing for GOP): Pushups in the Evans sextet

Personal Anecdote: I’ve been told I own a big wagon

Favorite YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBivJhF-rac