Name: Oren Lieber-Kotz

Nickname: Boren, 4ren, oreng,
Hometown: Bethesda MD
Height: 5’10
Weight: nope
Favorite position: Beside
Favorite Republican: Louis XVI
Favorite GoP Alum: Me in some time (Scott Graber)
Favorite CUTboy: Chris P
Favorite Syzygite: Gracie Little
Favorite eclipser: yEEKs tough question
Favorite Drink: Extra pure water
Bowling High Score: 4 bowls
Personal Achievements: Won the the Projectile Launcher event at the Central Maryland Physics Olympics, 2016.
Favorite Quote: “You need 7 for it be an orgy, 8 for a baker’s orgy.”
Favorite Real Sport: friend-fiction.
Number of 12 year olds you realistically think you could beat up at once: 1.25.
Dumbest thing you’ve ever done (other than playing for GOP): Refused help for my Wheat Thins addiction.
Personal Anecdote: Starred in the 30th all-time  most popular post on r/ultimate.
Favorite YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAtzN_ScKXY