Mikey Mullet


Name: Michael Jerome Barrett

Nickname: Frike

Height: 4′ 24″

Weight: 170

Bra Size: just under a full C


Position: Woof

Republican: John Adams

GoP Alum: My lover with the wooly hair

CUTboy: Always a sucker for Baylis, but that cute new freshman just has such piercing eyes, it’s hard to resist

Syzygite: Taylor is pretty sweet at just about everything

Eclipser: That loud girl

Drink: 7 & 7

Quote: Do or do not, there is no try

Real Sport: Futbol

Element: Californium

YouTube video: Best penalty kick ever, or Rick Ross’ video for the boss, or Amos Lee’s arms of a woman


Bowling High Score: 206

Personal Achievements: 2:37 in the triathlon last year

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done: launch waterballoons / snowballs / iceballs at moving cars from three stories up, and not running away fast enough

Personal Anecdote: I once drank half a bottle of Southern Comfort in two pulls and less than two minutes. Results may vary.

If you turn the disc, I’ll unbutton my shirt for you…