Name: Matt Godfrey

Nickname: Puck

Height: Short

Weight: Shorter

Bra Size: I’m not even an A cup

Favorite Position: Fetal

Favorite Republican: Al Michaels

Favorite GoP Alum: Fruit Pooch or Cochrane

Favorite CUTboy: James

Favorite Syzygite: Taylor

Favorite Eclipser: Molly

Favorite Drink: Caprisun

Bowling High Score: I’ve never bowled whilst high, therefore I have never recorded a score whilst bowling high

Personal Achievements: Memorized the lyrics to My Humps in eighth grade

Favorite Quote (preferably from D-Mac [although if you don’t know who D-Mac is, feel free to use any gopper]): “What’s your first name?… Vomit!… And your last name?… Vomit!” – Frike

Favorite Real Sport: Backyard Baseball

Number of 12 year olds you realistically think you could beat up at once: None, they’re too big for me at that age

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done (other than playing for GOP): Started playing temple run… I can’t stop now

Personal Anecdote: When I was in sixth grade my friend and I switched tables because we looked like each other. No one realized we switched, even though my friend had a broken collarbone.

Favorite YouTube video: