Name: Matthew Maclay

Nickname: “Matty Ice” – Saul

Hometown: The Boonies, WI

Height: currently the tallest on any GoP line. Highly overrated! Sad!

Weight: 65+ pounds heavier than average Gopper

Favorite GoP alum: Champ and chiller Cory (Important. follow his ig: @cofauver)

Favorite CUTboy: David “Gopper” O’Dea

Favorite Syzygite: If I meet one I will really have to think this over for a long time…

Favorite Eclipser: the whhhoooole gang obvi.

Favorite Hot Nova: RS Ophiuchi

Favorite drink: don’t mind if I do

Bowling (Twitter) high score: 30 favorites + 6 retweets = 306

Personal achievements: 16th Place, WI State Spelling competition (7th grade)

Favorite quotation: “ohhhh boy, that right thar is the Dargger” – GoP

Favorite real sport: Lumberjacking –

Number of 12 year olds you think you could beat up at once: I have no doubt that I would have a strong middle of the pack finish

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done (other than play for GoP): play for GoP, and consistently not follow instructions well

Personal Anecdote: I put some pb in my ice-cream the other day! WOAH-Darg!

Favorite Youtube video: