Greg Pose


Name: Greg Findlay

Nickname: G-$, G-Fin, GF, Unstoppable Deep Game

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight: 180 lbs


Position: Horizontal

Republican: My grandma

GoP alum: game-ready

CUTboy: my prospies, of course: Luke Powers and Peter Karian

Syzygy / Eclipse: None

Beer: Hoegaarden

Real Sport: Soccer/Hockey

Element: Wind

Sports teams: A’s, Penguins, Arsenal FC, Seahawks


Bowling high score: 178 (the machine was broken)

Strongest muscle: calf

Dumbest play: soft-cap time-out

Other experience: Kobenhavns Frisbee Klub, Airtight, GHS Purple Haze

Best steal: Universe Callahan from frankie 🙂

Youtube videos: Real talk, Practice

I am Greg “That Guy” “GF” “Insert here” Findlay. I enjoy cupcakes, poodles, and long walks on the beach (with poodles). If you enjoy the same, you should hit me up on the cellula fone!