Name: Eric Angell

Nickname: Tallboy

Height: Tallest one in my family

Weight: I think the heaviest one in my family

Favorite Position: In the air

Favorite Republican: Abraham Lincoln

Favorite GoP Alum: Sheridan

Favorite CUTboy: Welcome

Favorite Syzygite: Emily

Favorite Eclipser: Jules

Favorite Drink: ½ orange juice, ½ cranberry juice, maybe some bubbly water

Bowling High Score: 177

Personal Achievements: I went to the state finals of the California Geography Bee in middle school. I think I did okay

Favorite Quotation (preferably from D-Mac[although if you don’t know who D-Mac is, feel free to use any gopper): “Half the reason I get out of bed is so I can get back in” -Ders

Favorite Real Sport: Headis (Saarbrücken)

Personal Anecdote: I’m the guy holding the other guy on my shoulders, not the guy on the shoulders

Favorite YouTube video: