Name: Anders James Berglund

Nickname: h’orders, Ders

t: 1.5

Heigh MGs (Matt Godfreys)

Weight: About a buck 80

Favorite Position: in the endzone on the ground with the disc in my clutches and a crying opponent next to me

Favorite Republican: Abraham Lincoln

Favorite GoP Alum: Every Frike

Favorite CUTboy: Nicholas Petru aka. rommeez fur lyfe

Favorite Syzygite: All of them

Favorite Eclipser: Froot Pooch (it explains everything)

Favorite Drink: chocolate Milk

Bowling High Score: 167

Personal Achievements: I can sleep on anything

Favorite Quotation (preferably from D-Mac[although if you don’t know who D-Mac is, feel free to use any gopper): “SOMETIMES LIFE CAN BE A CHALLENGE, SOMTIMES LIFE CAN SEEM IMPOSSIBLE, BUT IT’S NEVER EASY WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH ON THE LINE” -Cory (-Herman Cain (-Pokemon))

Favorite Real Sport: Frisbee golf

Personal Anecdote: I ALWAYS try as hard as I need to

Favorite YouTube video: