D-Mac in Vegas


Name: Daniel Cooper McDonald

Nickname: O-Mac

Height: a generous 6′

Weight: none of your damn business

Bra Size: 40B


Republican: Baberaham Lincoln

Dive: Triple Lindy

GoP Alum: Will Sierzchula

Death Wish Movie: Death Wish III

Drink: Whiskey sour

Quote: “According to a recent polling of Americans, nearly 100 percent dislike being struck with a pole.” – Salomone Baquis

Road House: The Double Deuce

Real Sport: Slamball

Element: Styx

YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkCCGgqP4zo


Bowling High Score: 162

Personal Achievements: bowled a 162 without bumpers, got a hole-in-one (on a mulligan, but it still counts), got kicked out of an amusement park for driving too aggressively on the go-kart track, put dentist’s children through college

What I feel like: Chicken Tonight

Number of 12 year olds you realistically think you could beat up at once: 5 able-bodied, 7 handicapped

Dumbest thing you’ve ever done: screwed up a Tarski/Kuratowski computation and thus misclassified in the arithmetical hierarchy the set of all indices that Gödel number a partial recursive function whose domain is a creative set; also, poured gas into the radiator of a tractor instead of the gas tank

Extra: D-Mac… more like… P-Mac!… I don’t get it…