Name: Bryce Barton
Nickname: Red Leader, White Bryce (like white rice. not racist)
Height: just under 0.0018288 kilometers according to my doctor
Moon Weight: 26 pounds so yes I will have more flourless chocolate cake
Favorite Position: any
Chipotle Order: “Can I have a burrito? Brown. Black. Chicken. Extra. Lettuce. No.”
Most games of tic-tac-toe won in a row: 1
Biggest Mistake: making eye contact while eating a banana
Best Dream:
Favorite Syzygite: this is a loaded question
Favorite Eclipser: Sara
Favorite sport: extreme ironing
Distance between the earth and the sun: 42
Favorite Quote: “don’t chalk about talk talk”
Bra Size: A lady never tells
Favorite Drink: strawberry milk
Number of 12 year olds you realistically think you could beat up at once: 1at most
Deepest Thought: “craisins must be crazy raisons”
Favorite YouTube Video: