The team!

The goal of CARS club is to tackle difficult engineering problems and projects while learning along the way. CARS is the only engineering club on campus that provides members with comprehensive engineering experience. We design the circuitry needed for sensor, motor, and microcontroller integration. We design and fabricate our parts using Fusion 360, a machine shop, and 3D printing. We program in C++, Java, and Kotlin to bring hardware to life. Any and all are welcome to participate! While circuitry, CAD, or programming skills will give you a head start, no experience is required. CARS club has unbridled access to the Carleton physics shop and makerspace which gives members an opportunity to use lots of cool machinery and tools. CARS is project-based, but also provides a space for people generally interested in engineering and who would like to talk and engage with other people with the same interest. If any of this interests you, sign up at the club fair or contact Ben Hafner ( or Kiran Digavalli (