Who can lead a trip? Anyone! Here’s how…


Anyone can co-lead a trip with someone who is a certified Trip Leader. Reach out to the Trip Leader Leader Emma Watson with questions about becoming a trip leader, with general trip ideas, or about leading a trip.

Becoming a Trip Leader

There are two routes to become a Trip Leader:

  1. Go on a Trip Leader Training Trip. Fantastic weekend that focuses on all the important aspects of leading a trip, applicable to CANOE and out in the world. The destination, activity, and length are chosen by the participants. During the trip, learn hard skills involving stoves, making fires, prepping food for groups, tent set-up, gear repair, and gear maintenance as well as the Carleton specific skills of organizing vans, requesting gear from the gear managers, and the required paperwork.
  2. Co-lead a trip AND attend an on-campus Trip Leader Training. On campus trainings last a few hours and can help you learn an abbreviated version of the skills taught on the Trip Leader training trip. A co-lead is leading a trip with an experienced trip leader that allows you to get comfortable with the role without full responsibility.

At any point in time if you have questions about planning a trip or becoming a trip leader, contact Emma Watson at watsone2@carleton.edu.