The Carleton Association of Nature and Outdoor Enthusiasts (CANOE) is made up by any and all students who love being outside and want to share that experience with other students. We are one of the largest student organizations on campus, with hundreds of students going on our free student-led outdoor trips every year.

Trips students have led include activities such as hiking, camping, snow shoeing, skiing, dog sledding, canoeing, rock climbing, singing in the rain, star-gazing, and pretty much any other outdoor activity that you can think of. And the best part is that anyone can lead a trip—we can help you with all of the details! Email our president Madeleine Parr ( and Trip Leader Leader Gerrit Hoving ( if interested.

Want to borrow gear?

We have a collection of outdoors gear that all students can borrow from! Email our Gear Managers Ella Shriner ( and Jing Jing Munson ( with any questions or gear requests. Check out the Gear Loan page for more information.

Have Pictures?

If you have any pictures from trips that you’d like to share with the world, feel free to email them to Eko Manson ( along with a brief description.

Have any questions about CANOE’s connection with SAO?

Feel free to email our Student Activities Office Liaison Hazel DeHarpporte ( for clarification.

Feeling Social?

If you’re feeling hip, check us out on Instagram!