The Role of an Abortion Doula:

An abortion doula is a nonmedical, nonjudgmental person who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to people considering or choosing to have an abortion. While all medical experiences can be stressful, the stigma, targeted policies, and false information surrounding abortion causes these procedures to be particularly lonely and daunting. We believe that all pregnant people should be trusted to make their own decision, and we believe everybody deserves humanistic, compassionate care no matter what choice they make about their bodies. As the concept of an abortion doula is fairly new, most people currently lack access to a doula during their procedure.

Our Goals:

  1. Abortion Doula Volunteers: Sustain and expand our pool of abortion doula volunteers who will be working at a local clinic, providing direct support to patients choosing abortion. Everybody deserves support when vulnerable. Our goal is to ensure that all people choosing abortion will have equal access to quality doula support. We will provide care to anyone who seeks it, which may include people from Carleton, Northfield, and wider communities. (If you are a Carleton College student seeking an abortion and would like support in any way, we invite you to contact one of our doulas.)
  2. Community Awareness: Create a sustainable chain reaction of positive change by increasing the number of reproductive justice advocates in the community. The positive outcome of this effort is the creation of more accurately-informed, trustworthy, approachable, and nonjudgmental people in the world. As students graduate, this knowledge can permeate into a wide array of settings. CAN-DO will continue to educate all interested community members, including those who do not wish to become in-clinic doulas.