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Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

The Dean of Students Office helps students access emergency funds, assess financial situations such as emergency medical bills, and connect to additional resources for clothing, textbooks, and more.

The Dean of Students Office

Photo of Cathy Carlson
Cathy Carlson
Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 507 222 4075

Class Dean for Juniors & Seniors

Photo of Carolyn Livingston
Carolyn Livingston Bio
Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students

TRIO/Student Support Services

TRIO/Student Support Services staff serve as a resource for current and former TRIO students through our holistic advising model. When TRIO students are experiencing concerns related to financials we coordinate with multiple offices such as Student Financial Aid, the Business Office and the Dean of Students Office to provide the best option available to the student. In addition we provide direct support related to classroom materials. 

See also TRIO’s online resources on Financial Literacy and Funding for Additional Carleton-Associated Costs.

TRIO / Student Support Services

Photo of Kim Hildahl
Kim Hildahl Bio
Director of TRIO/Student Support Services
Photo of Dia Taliaferro
Dia Taliaferro
Assistant Director of TRIO – Student Support Services