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The Dean of Students Office (DOSO)

The Dean of Students Office serves as a support mechanism for students who have consistent concerns with academic challenges, sense of belonging, adjustment to Carleton and also for faculty in how to address those challenges and concerns.  Class Deans serve as a liaison and help with communication between students and faculty, including cases of necessary extensions or absences. They also provide support services such as academic/educational counseling and referrals to on and off campus resources. 

The Dean of Students Office

Photo of Cathy Carlson
Cathy Carlson
Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 507 222 4075

Class Dean for Juniors & Seniors

Photo of Sindy Fleming
Sindy Fleming Bio
Associate Dean of Students
Phone: 507 222 4075

Class Dean for Sophomores

Photo of Carolyn Livingston
Carolyn Livingston Bio
Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students

Academic Support Center (ASC)

This set of programs and services supports students in achieving their academic goals. ASC resources include one-to-one tutoring in writing, math, and other subjects; prefect sessions (informal group review sessions for particular courses); and coaching in learning strategies and time management. 

See also the Writing Center and the Math Skills Center.

The Academic Support Center

Photo of Kathy Evertz
Kathy Evertz Bio
Director for Academic Support Center

Accessibility Resources

This is a resource for students with disabilities who need appropriate accommodations. In some cases, a mental health condition or disability with brief, periodic flare-ups may legitimately impact course attendance/assignments on occasion. Students can meet with Disability Services staff to consider possible accommodations. Since each course has unique requirements, Disability Services staff discuss possible accommodations with instructors each term. It is important to request accommodations at the beginning of a term whenever possible. 


Photo of Elijah Genheimer
Elijah Genheimer
Accessibility Specialist
Photo of Conor Lake
Conor Lake
Student Life Accommodation Specailist & Testing Coordinator
Photo of Sam Thayer
Sam Thayer ’10
Director, Office of Accessibility Resources