These resources are available any time, any day, 24/7, 365

  • Security Services: 507-222-4444 Security Services maintains the welfare and safety of students. A call to security will initiate either a call or a visit to ensure the safety of the student. Security Services will also notify additional campus personnel who will help support the student. If the student is on campus, this number should be contacted in emergencies.
  • Free Confidential Counseling by Phone: 855-705-2479 This service can be used for problem-solving concerns such as:
    • Handling a student mental health situation that requires urgent attention
    • Determining if a student mental health situation requires urgent attention
    • Providing a resource to students who are struggling, but don’t require urgent attention
  • Northfield Hospital (Emergency Room): 507-646-1100

Community Concern Form

A Community Concern Form can be submitted whenever you believe that a concerning behavior is affecting you or other members of our community. There is no concern that is too minor. Depending on the nature of the concern, the information will be sent to the Dean of Students Office, Title IX, Human Resources, or Student Life supervisors.

The outcomes of a Community Concern Form include:

  • Intervention if troubling patterns of behavior are identified
  • Connecting community members with support and resources
  • Identifying what topics should be included in community education and prevention efforts

Additional Non-Emergency Resources