The following list of twelve topics is adapted from Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners (ACPA and NASPA 2010). It reflects the values of the Division of Student Life and is intended to support staff in identifying themes or areas of interest for professional development.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Create and sustain learning environments that are enriched with diverse views and people, and that celebrate differences among people, helping to free them of misconception and prejudices.

Communication and Collaboration

Work with staff, students, and faculty within and beyond the Student Life Division at Carleton to support students and accomplish departmental and divisional goals.

Advising and Mentoring Students

Provide counseling, support, direction, feedback, critique, referral, and guidance to individuals and groups.

Human and Organizational Leadership

Select, supervise, motivate, and evaluate staff, provide conflict resolution, and manage financial resources.

Law, Policy, and Compliance

Develop policy, know and apply the law in various contexts, and comply with licensure regulations.

Office Management

Organize and manage office resources, and use technology appropriately to ensure efficient administration of programs and departments.

Student Learning and Development

Understand student development and learning theory, and apply to improve and inform practices such as student-employee training.

Carleton Structure

Learn about the systems and structures of Carleton.

History, Philosophy, and Values

Ensure present and future practices are informed by liberal arts education philosophy and values.

Ethical Professional Practice

Understand and apply ethical standards to one’s work.

Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

Understand processes related to collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data for programmatic or departmental review and planning.

Personal Development

Be self-directed and self-reflected, be aware of one’s own areas of strength and growth, and remain curious.