The Office of Residential Life is committed to providing students with a healthy and safe living environment. Residential Life works to foster a living and learning environment that enhances student growth and development through individual and group experiences.  We value the contributions all students make in our communities, and we seek to provide accessible housing to meet the needs of everyone.

A Carleton education recognizes that the world’s people differ in their race and ethnicity, culture, political and social worldviews, religious and spiritual understandings, language and geographic characteristics, gender, gender identities and sexual orientations, learning and physical abilities, age, and social and economic classes (Excerpt from Carleton Statement on Diversity).

Residential Life works in conjunction with offices across campus to support and meet the needs of all members of the Carleton Community.  Professional and student staff members are trained to work with student issues and concerns while utilizing appropriate campus and community resources.

Students of many cultures, communities, faith backgrounds, and beliefs are part of the Carleton community. In an effort to honor the practices of different students around their faith, culture, and interests, while supporting students finding community among others, Residential Life offers many different Interest Houses.

Residential Life works proactively with LGBTQIA+ students to ensure that they feel like their communities are welcoming and inclusive, and that they have access to facilities that are designed with their needs in mind. Carleton offers gender-inclusive housing affording all students the option to live on campus with whomever they choose, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity when selecting housing. Incoming first-year students are invited to indicate on their housing questionnaire if there is anything about their gender identity that informs their housing preferences.

All Residential Life policies and procedures operate within the Carleton College non-discrimination policy.