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Dining and Meal Plans

Students are automatically signed up for a meal plan based on the residential space in which they live. Additional information regarding meal plans and all dining service details is available with Dining Services. Dining is provided by Bon Appetit.

If you have reason to request an exemption from the meal plan visit the Office of Accessibility Resources for more information.


Your Onecard is your photo ID and so much more. It is needed to enter residential spaces and is also loaded with your meal plan and any Schillers you have for things like vending machines. Visit the OneCard Information Center for information on what is available on your card, how to add Schillers, and how Schillers are used.

Facilities Work Request

Submit a Facilities Work Request if you need something repaired (furniture, windows, plumbing, woodwork, smoke detector, etc.). Work Requests are automatically sent to Carleton College Facilities Office to be processed for all maintenance, grounds, and custodial needs. Facilities personnel strive to quickly respond to all Facilities Work Requests. Emergency Work Orders are quickly identified, routed to the appropriate staff, and will be completed within 24-48 hours. All routine Work Requests are normally completed within 6-8 days. If you have an after-hours emergency, please call Security at 507-222-4444.

Accessibility Resources

Individuals looking for accommodations to their living environment or meal plan to support their success while at Carleton should work with the Office of Accessibility Resources who will then provide the necessary recommendations.


Learn more about trash, recycling, and compost—as well as energy and water use while living at Carleton—by visiting Sustainability at Carleton.

Renters Insurance

On college campuses, residential spaces, often filled with thousands of dollars worth of electronics, books, and other valuables, are often targets for criminals. Remember, you—not the College—are responsible for replacing stolen or damaged property.

GradGuard Renters Insurance is a smart investment for college students and their families. With the GradGuard Renters Insurance plan, any personal items that are stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss can be replaced, subject to a $100 deductible. This includes clothing, computers/laptops/tablets, smart phones, bikes, game consoles, textbooks, furniture, and more. GradGuard Renters Insurance also protects students financially from unintentional damages they may cause to their residence hall or bodily injury they may cause to others for which they are legally liable. With low annual rates, GradGuard Renters Insurance is designed for Carleton students and their families.

Features of GradGuard Renters Insurance for Carleton students include:

  • Low $100 Deductible. Compared to $500, $1000, or more for a typical homeowners insurance policy.
  • Replacement Cost. If your personal property is stolen or damaged due to a covered peril, it will be replaced with an item of like kind and quality.
  • Worldwide coverage. Your belongings are protected even outside your home. If you are traveling or your car gets broken into, GradGuard Renters Insurance can help cover property losses outside your residence.
  • Electronics coverage. Your electronics, including your TV, laptop, smartphone, and tablet, are covered up to the policy limits.
  • Personal Liability Coverage. If you cause damage to property or injure others, you may be liable for the damages. GradGuard Renters Insurance provides up to $300,000 in personal liability coverage. For example, if you unintentionally set off your building’s sprinkler system, liability protection can help pay for the resulting damages.
  • Alternative to Homeowners Insurance. Not all Homeowners Insurance policies are the same. Limitations may apply when property is away from the principal residence. With GradGuard Renters Insurance, personal belongings are covered whether you are on-campus, off-campus, or traveling anywhere in the world, up to the policy limits. 

This is a brief description of GradGuard Renters Insurance. Please call to speak with an agent for policy specific information, including limitations and exclusions. Coverage may vary by state.

GradGuard Renters Insurance is underwritten by Markel American Insurance Company, Waukesha, WI. The advertised product is not available in AK, CT, FL, and RI. Other program options are available for these states. Claims and coverage subject to policy, language, limits and exclusions.

This information is valid as of June 2017. For the most up-to-date program information, please visit the GradGuard website.