Storage Guidelines

  • NOT PERMITTED IN STORAGE: Bikes, furniture such as chairs, sofas, personal mattresses, tables, etc. Students should coordinate off-campus arrangements for these items.
  • REQUIRED: Storage Sticker per container/box. Stickers are available for purchase at the Carleton Bookstore. View the sticker Validation Date to ensure the sticker you purchase will meet the timeframe you intend to store your items. Storage stickers cannot be returned or refunded once purchased.
  • Space is limited. Student Storage is designed for international students, students traveling abroad, or students for whom bringing items home is not an option.
  • Students who are withdrawing from the College or graduating early are not permitted to utilize student storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which items are not permitted into student storage facilities?

Items being stored should be safely packed and enclosed into proper storage containers such as cardboard boxes, plastic totes, luggage bags, athletic or duffel bags, or backpacks.

Below is a list of items that will not be accepted into storage. This list is not exhaustive and discretion of whether an item may be accepted will be left to Residential Life professional staff members. If you have questions about a specific item please contact Residential Life prior to visiting storage.

  • Bikes & Scooters (including electric scooters/electric skateboards)
  • Chairs
  • Couches/Sofa Chairs
  • Entertainment centers
  • Shelving units (3 tier plastic shelves are acceptable as long as they are securely taped closed)
  • Tables; including game tables and end tables
  • Items in open tote bags/ plastic bags/garbage bags (see “Packing Tips” for exceptions)
  • Loose items such as table lamps, fans, etc. must be in a box.
  • Liquids (detergent, alcohol, etc.)
  • Oddly shaped items such as bedrolls, instruments, athletic gear or equipment, area rugs, and floor lamps should be properly contained. Each item will need a current sticker and stored in designated open space between shelves (see “Packing Tips” for exceptions).

Visit the “Packing Tips” section for helpful strategies on how to prep bulky items for student storage.

Why do storage stickers cost money?

Storage sticker sales are directly funneled back into essential maintenance and staffing of available storage facilities. Sticker sales also fund the costs of storage equipment such as carts and shelving.

Stickers can be purchased from the Carleton Bookstore. Stickers cannot be returned or refunded.

Where are the available on-campus student storage locations?

There are 5 student storage locations on campus (Myers Storage is reserved for Resident Assistants). Students need to complete a Storage Appointment Request form to gain access to storage or visit storage during posted Open Hours (available only during standard Opening and Closing dates). View the Storage Process Checklist to learn more about the process and how to schedule an appointment.

LocationFacility Entrance
Cassat HallEast end of Basement
Goodhue HallSouth-East end of Basement
James HallWest end of Basement
Musser HallSouth end of Basement
Myers Hall1st Floor Elevator
Watson HallSouth end of Basement

When and where do I store my items at the end of each term?

Open Storage Hours will be available during Reading Days, Exam Days, and Closing given the high volume of students utilizing the program during those dates. Students leaving campus or changing rooms will receive information about available times.

Fall and Winter Term Closing – One single location will be open at various times throughout the days listed above. Only store your items if you are:

  1. Participating in OCS
  2. Not returning to campus (Leave of Absence, Medical Leave of Absence, Withdrawal)
  3. Changing rooms between terms and the room you are moving into is not available prior to Break. 

Spring Term Closing – Spring Term Closing is when the highest number of students store their belongings in campus storage. Therefore, Residential Life staff are strategic in creating a schedule that will ensure each location is properly filled prior to opening the next available location. View the Spring Term Closing Storage Hours to view available storage hours and locations to prepare for your departure.

Summer Break – Space is extremely limited during Summer Break given the high volume of students who store during Spring Term Closing. This will impact availability for students who are approved to depart from campus housing on or after Commencement. Students should submit a storage request to store or retrieve items between Commencement and Fall Term opening.

How do I renew my storage stickers if I am off campus when they expire?

Each item (box, storage container, bicycle, etc.) being stored MUST have a current storage sticker attached. Storage stickers can be purchased at the Bookstore for $10. Purchase your storage stickers prior to arriving to student storage to store your personal belongings.

You can work with a friend on campus to purchase stickers from the Bookstore and schedule a storage appointment to update the stickers.

Storage Personnel will audit each storage location at various times throughout the year. Items with expired storage stickers or improper labeling will be donated to Lighten Up.

How do I find a cart to help me move my items?

Carts can typically be found in the lobbies where storage locations housed.

To properly return a cart, use the QR code on the cart handles to check it in. The check-in process allows carts to be available for the next students.

Helpful Packing Tips

Linens and Essentials
Storage Hours are scheduled to accommodate as many students as possible. Students arriving late evenings or overnight will likely need to wait until the following day to access storage. For this reason, we encourage students to travel with their linens and essentials if possible.

Recommended Plastic Tote & Cardboard Box Dimensions
These suggestions are based on average storage shelf sizes as well as ensuring that students can safely transport their items.

Plastic Totes: As large as or smaller than 23X17X17inches (18 Gallon) 

Cardboard Boxes: As large as or smaller than 18x18x18 inches

Staying Organized

  • Create a packing plan leading up to your departure date in order to give yourself enough time to pack safely and store your items in a facility prior to departing from campus.
  • Number your boxes and/or write a list of what items you’ve stored inside so that you know you’ve packed and/or retrieved all of your belongings.
  • Pack similar items in the same box. Toiletries in one, kitchen items in another, room décor, etc.
  • Pack boxes/bins/luggage only as heavy as you can carry!

Packing and Storing Bulky ItemsRequired techniques

  • RUGS: roll up the rug and tape each end all the way around so it stays bound. Tape over the storage sticker as it will likely not adhere perfectly to the material. Store the rug upright in a corner or between storage shelves.
  • BED ROLLS: roll up the bed roll and tape each end all the way around so it stays bound. Tape over the storage sticker as it will likely not adhere perfectly to the material. Store the bed roll above your boxes if there is extra space.
  • SKIS: Tape the ends and middle of the skis so they are securely fastened together. Store the skis upright in a corner or in between storage shelves.

Storage Process Checklist

NOTE: All items being stored must have a current storage sticker which can be purchased from the Carleton Bookstore. Items with expired storage stickers will be donated to Lighten Up. Storage stickers expire annually in May and should be updated by purchasing new stickers from the Bookstore.

  1. Purchase storage stickers for $10/sticker at the Carleton Bookstore. You will need a sticker per box/container/luggage bag you plan to store.
    TIP: Fill out the requested information on your storage stickers prior to arriving to storage. Adhere the storage stickers to the containers once you’ve stored your items on a shelf.
  2. View available Open Storage times which will be posted during standard Opening and Closing dates. If Open Storage is not available, use the scheduling form to schedule a storage appointment at least 48 hours in advance. Storage is not available on weekends or outside of Residential Life’s regular business hours (M-F, 9:00am to 4:30pm). 
  3. Check the “What Not to Store” List and make other arrangement for those items.
  4. Pack your belongings so you can store them safely (lightweight, wrap fragile items in newspaper, tape boxes closed, etc.)

  1. Have all of the belongings you plan to store ready upon arriving to storage. If getting your items to a storage location will take more than one trip, plan to attend another posted Open Storage time.
    TIP: During Spring Closing, we encourage students to store items as soon as possible to avoid long waiting times during Non-Senior Move-Out Day (June 7).
  2. Check-in with storage personnel.
  3. Pack your boxes closely next to other items to use the space efficiently. 
  4. Adhere the storage stickers to the FRONT of your items so they are easily visible to storage personnel. 
  5. Check-out with storage personnel. Staff will log your items and send a notification for you to reference upon returning to campus.