The housing selection process for returning students at Carleton is known as Room Draw. The goal of our housing program is to provide safe, clean, and comfortable living arrangements that enhance opportunities for students to successfully achieve their academic goals at Carleton.

College Policy

As a residential college, Carleton requires all students to live in College-operated residences and participate in the College dining plan for all four years. Exceptions are made for those who are married, have children, or have been granted Northfield Option. Exemption from the College dining plan exists in several College-owned houses as noted on the Floor Plans available on the housing website. Students who live in College housing are making a commitment to abide by College policies as outlined in the Student Handbook.

General Information

  • Students select their rooms based on seniority (ie, seniors will draw first, then juniors, etc).
  • The majority of spaces are identified as all-gender.
  • Substance-free and quiet areas are available for draw.
  • Students are expected to live in the room they select during room draw. Any changes must be requested through the Office of Residential Life and are not guaranteed.
  • Any unauthorized room changes/moves may result in a student being required to move back to their assigned room and/or automatic placement at the end of their class for room draw.
  • If there is an unanticipated vacancy in your room, the space will likely be assigned to someone over the summer.
  • Per college policy, refunds will not be issued if a student leaves Carleton after the term has begun.

Housing Lottery Numbers

  • Each student receives a random, computer-generated lottery number. This number determines the order in which students select their room. For students gone during Fall term, the number will be used to prioritize housing requests for their return.
  • Each housing lottery number consists of four digits. The first digit indicates the student’s class year. Numbers for rising seniors begin with 1, numbers for rising juniors begin with 2, and numbers for rising sophomores begin with 3. Lottery numbers are randomly distributed within each class. Lower numbers go through the Room Draw process first; that is, 2001 draws before 2335. Lottery Numbers are non-transferable.
  • Rooms are drawn with a single number. The person with the lowest number may draw-in other people and thus create a draw group. For example, the number 2001 can be used to draw a triple with two other people who have higher numbers.

Who is eligible to participate in Room Draw?

All students who will be enrolled in classes on the Carleton campus during the Fall Term are eligible to participate in Room Draw, with the exception of those approved for Northfield Option.

The following situations would make a student NOT eligible to participate in room draw:

  • Students who have submitted the Petition-Student Review for Non-Carleton Programs form 
  • Students who have submitted the Off Campus Study Agreement form 
  • Students who were approved for a leave of absence or withdrawal for the Fall Term

Questions regarding your status should be directed to the Dean of Students Office or the Off Campus Studies Office. If your status changes, we must receive notification from the appropriate office or the Registrar in order for you to be added to room draw. In the event of any change after room draw begins, you will be added to the room draw process at the end of your class. 

Housing Accommodations

There are limited housing spaces available for accommodations and priority will be given to individuals who are eligible to receive accommodations under Section 504 of the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Under the ADA, individuals must document the impact of their disability on major life activities. Please see Disability Services for details.

Meal Plans

Residing in the residence halls/houses requires that students participate in the meal plan associated with that hall/house or a higher plan (see Dining Services site for details). 

Students with special dietary requirements or documented medical requirements which prohibit their eating in the dining halls are encouraged to seek housing which allows them the flexibility to cook their own meals. Inability to locate housing that offers a meal plan compatible with your particular needs requires students to work with Disability Services if an accommodation is necessary.

Please verify your room and meal plan assignment on the The Hub after Room Draw and any time a change is made in your housing assignment or meal plan.

If you will be off campus for a term and will be living in College-owned housing when you return, you will need to complete this form to provide information on the type of housing you are requesting for your return. The person whom you designate as your housing proxy will be responsible for securing housing for your return.