General Procedure for Changing Rooms

  • Check for available spaces on the vacancy list in the Hub
  • Contact the current resident(s) of the room/space to see if the room would be a good fit for you.
  • Work with your Area Director to go through and complete the proper process for room changes.
  • If all residents in the new space agree, they should individually contact your Area Director indicating such so that your Area Director can complete the Room Change Authorization Form. If you are currently housed on campus, please be aware that on campus moves for future terms are allowed only during a one week period after available rooms are posted for the following term.
  • During this process, talk to your current roommate(s) and let them know you will be moving and give them a timeline for your move.

Changing Rooms Because of a Roommate Conflict

Your Resident Assistant (RA) is your first resource if you want to change rooms as the result of a roommate conflict. The RA may refer you to the Area Director (AD). Your AD will work with you in determining if the possibility to move exists and if there are any rooms with vacancies.

Changing Rooms for Disability Accommodations or Medical Needs

Individuals looking for accommodations to their living environment or meal plan, to support their success while at Carleton, should work with the Disability Services Office who will then provide the necessary recommendations.