Severance Hall
Severance Hall

Severance Hall, built in 1928, is both a residence hall and an administrative building on the west side of campus. It has 4 floors, 3 of which (2nd, 3rd, 4th) house only upper-class students. On the 1st floor is the famous Great Hall, as well as the Dean of Students Office. The ground floor houses the Office of Residential Life as well as the Tea Room, which is considered to be part of Burton Dining Hall. Often called “Sevy,” it has a variety of very nicely furnished rooms, varying from singles to quints. Each one of the rooms has a private bathroom, usually as part of a shared suite with another room.

Sevy is a part of a group of residence halls called the The Complex, also known as Burton-Sevy-Davis. All of these buildings are connected together with a walkway leading to the Sayles Hill Campus Center. Sevy is the northernmost portion of The Complex, and is closest to Sayles-Hill.

Building Information


  • Laundry Facilities located on 2nd & 3rd floor
  • Floor Kitchen located on 3rd floor
  • TV in 3rd floor lounge