Collier House
Collier House

Collier is one of the townhouses on campus. Each townhouse apartment is drawn by a group. All townhouses provide a kitchen and a communal living room space for residents. The townhouses provide a more independent living environment and an opportunity to self-select your immediate community. The townhouses offer easy access to downtown Northfield with many restaurants and small shops.

Building Information

  • Street Address: 105 South Division Street
  • Drawn by apartment group
  • Meal Plan Information
  • People of any genders can live in apartments together
  • No custodial services during the term
  • Laundry machines in each apartment
  • Room Dimensions
  • Floor Plan

Apartment Configuration

Apt.TypeGround Floor1st Floor2nd Floor
1Quad, 1 level2 doubles--
2Quad, 2 levels-1 single1 double & 1 single
3Quad, 2 levels-1 single1 double & 1 single