Goodhue Hall
Goodhue Hall

Goodhue Hall is a traditional residence hall. Goodhue is predominantly home to first-year students, but there are also a large number of upperclassmen. Goodhue is mostly made up of doubles and a few singles. There are lounges and kitchens on each floor. Some rooms have private balconies overlooking Lyman Lakes.

The Superlounge offers residents a great place to watch TV, play ping-pong, pool, or just connect with friends. The basement has a band rehearsal room and several study rooms. Goodhue is a great space for students looking for a large, yet fun, active, and close knit community. Goodhue is also the closet residence hall to the Cowling Arboretum and Recreation Center and offers beautiful views of Lyman Lakes.  

Building Information


  • 2 Laundry Facilities located in basement
  • Floor Kitchens & Lounges
  • Pool table in the Superlounge
  • Piano is located in basement study lounge (room 17)
  • TVs in each floor lounge and one in basement lounge
  • Public Campus Printer located in the Superlounge

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