What are the Carleton Community Standards referred to in the Northfield Option policy?

Carleton Community Standards are included in the Student Handbook. The expectations, rules and regulations for Carleton College students and the policies detailed below pertain to students on and off campus, while participating in College programs and activities, domestic or international. Student behavior occurring anywhere other than on property owned or rented by Carleton will be of concern to the College if, in the judgment of the Dean of Students, there is sufficient information to determine that the behavior alleged would adversely and seriously affect the student’s suitability as a member of the College community.

When any violation of College policy, rule or regulation is motivated by intolerance or hate directed toward an individual or group based on characteristics such as race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or political or religious belief, the sanction administered by the appropriate administrative officer or hearing board will be increased in severity and may include separation from the College.

Please see the Student Handbook for specific details.

Does the College help me find housing and/or inspect the houses?

No, students accepting Northfield Option assume full responsibility for their housing arrangements.

Are there Northfield City ordinances or laws that I should be familiar with when living in an apartment or house in Northfield? What are the behavior expectations?

As stated in the Carleton Community Standards Policy, “The expectations, rules, and regulations…pertain to students on and off campus…. Student behavior occurring anywhere…will be a concern to the College….” This means that your behavior as a Northfield resident is bound by both the Carleton Community Standards and the laws and ordinances of the City of Northfield. Students must read and abide by the behavior expectations detailed in the “Living in Northfield” section on the Office of Residential Life, Northfield Option website.

How do I accept a Northfiled Opition offer?

It is imperative that you return your acceptance letter by 5:00pm on the date indicated on the offer letter. Along with your acceptance you must also provide a copy of your Rental Lease with the names of all group members, indicating you all live at the same address.

What if I change my mind about taking Northfield Option?

If you accept Northfield Option for the year and decide later that you would like to return to campus housing, you will need to submit a written request to the Office of Residential Life. Students approved to re-enter housing will not be given consideration for vacant singles. If your number was used to draw a group of students off campus, you may return to campus only if all members of the group agree to return to campus housing or after you have lived at least one term in Northfield housing. Only if space is available will you be approved to return to College housing and you will be responsible for locating a vacancy in the halls/houses. In addition, we will generally not be able to allow another student to move off campus to replace you, meaning you are still responsible for all of the term of your lease (including financial).

What if I/we want to change the group participants?

A student included in the original group may decline to take Northfield Option. It will only be possible to include another rising senior if approved from the waitlist.

Can I have a meal plan?

Students may purchase any of the available meal plans (20 meal plan, 15 meal plan, 5 meal plan, or the Voluntary Meal Plan). The Meal Plan Change Request form is available online at Carleton College Dining Services. Another option is to purchase Schillers on the OneCard site for use in Sayles Cafe or either dining hall. Schillers can also be purchased during business hours in the Business Office or the Bookstore.

Can I have a car?

Students with Northfield Option may maintain a motor vehicle in Northfield. The vehicle is considered an approved use vehicle under the present policy and you must contact the Security Services Office to obtain a permit. You are restricted from driving or parking on campus other than in the assigned parking lots.

Where will I be able to park if I rent an apartment or house in Northfield?

Landlords are required to provide adequate parking for the residents of the house in a driveway or parking lot. Cars can not be parked on the street or on the lawns. Do not block neighborhood driveways at any time. Please encourage guests to drive cautiously and respectfully in the neighborhoods since there are frequently young children or elderly people living in close proximity.

What about an address and phone number?

The College is required to have on file an address and phone number. Please submit your address and phone number to reslife@carleton.edu.

Failure to provide accurate contact information to the College may result in a student’s Northfield Option being revoked and being required to return to campus housing.

What happens if I have an opening in my apartment/house?

If a member of your Northfield Option group leaves the space for any reason, including a term abroad or early graduation, it is unlikely that another student will be granted Northfield Option to fill their space unless this has been previously arranged with Residential Life.

It is possible that you will not be able to fill a vacancy in your group. Students who sign the original lease are responsible for that lease, so any changes (including financial) will be up to those students to figure out.

What happens to my financial aid if I take Northfield Option?

Financial Aid is figured no differently if a student chooses Northfield Option or campus housing. The only difference is in the amount billed to the student account.

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services. Generally, being approved for Northfield Option will not change the amount of financial assistance you receive.

Faculty house-sitting

Faculty members sometimes seek out students to house-sit while they are on an off-campus program or sabbatical. Only those individuals who have been previously approved for Northfield Option are eligible to accept offers to house-sit for faculty.

Other questions?

Please contact reslife@carleton.edu with additional questions.