You have chosen to join a small group of senior students in a different college living experience: to live in an apartment or house in Northfield rather than an on-campus residence hall or house. No longer will your neighbors be exclusively Carleton students. You will be part of a neighborhood of senior citizens, families with children of all ages, and other college students. We encourage you to become an active participant in your neighborhood.

Carleton students are responsible for following the “standards of reasonable behavior” established by the City of Northfield and its permanent residents. Being a respectful neighbor will result in a pleasurable living experience for you and your neighbors.

As stated in the Carleton Community Standards Policy, “The expectations, rules and regulations … pertain to students on and off campus …. Student behavior occurring anywhere … will be a concern to the College ….” This means that your behavior as a Northfield resident is bound by both the Carleton Community Standards and the laws and ordinances of the City of Northfield.

Below are suggested resources to review and consider as you purse a tenant and landlord relationship. However, Residential Life will not facilitate or manage any of the following details for those offered Northfield Option.

Suggested Items to Discuss with Your Landlord

  • What does the deposit include (first and last month rent; damage deposit, etc.)? It what cases would the tenant not get the deposit back after contracted tenancy?
    • The deposit (security or damage) is used to cover damage the tenant may do or for failure to pay the rent. If the tenant does no damage anything on the property and pays all of the rent on time, the Landlord must return the money with interest 21 days after the tenant moves out.
  • How much is the rent? When is it due?
  • Is subletting permitted?
  • Are laundry facilities available?
  • Who pays the utilities?
  • What is the process for reporting issues such as plumbing, failing appliances, or pests/rodents?
  • Is cable/internet access available?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • When will the apartment be inspected for move-in condition? Check the move in condition carefully so you don’t end up paying for existing damages. Take photos both at move-in and move-out time if there are conditions that might be questionable.
  • When may the landlord enter the rental unit? How much notice will be given?
  • Who is responsible for upkeep of lawn care and snow removal?
  • Where are tenants allowed to park and when will a winter parking permit be issued? Local streets are intended for temporary parking.
    • A winter parking ban on all city streets is in effect between November 15 and March 15 between the hours of 2:00am and 6:00am, snow or no snow. During this time, no parking is allowed on any city street except by permit. Tickets will be issued with accompanying fines. Vehicles may be towed if a snow emergency is declared.

Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant

You are encourage to read the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office document entitled “Landlords and Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities.”

We’ve identified some key ordinances of the Northfield City Code of Ordinances below.

  • Northfield City Ordinance, Sec. 50-87 (Unlawful parties, assemblies, or gatherings)
  • Northfield City Ordinance, Sec. 50-90 (Unlawful noise)
  • Northfield City Ordinance, Sec. 78-97 (Overtime parking)
  • Northfield City Ordinance, Sec. 70-2 (Streets, Sidewalks and other public places: Snow, ice or other obstacles on sidewalks)
  • Northfield City Ordinance, Sec. 78-102 (Winter Parking)

If the Northfield Police are called to the scene students are subject to the same laws as Northfield residents, additionally there may be a follow up by a member of the Dean of Students staff.