Carleton College is a residential college; therefore, all students, except those married or having dependent children living with them, must live in College-owned residences and participate in the College dining plan. The College recognizes the benefits associated with independent living environments and, as a result, offers a limited number of releases from the residency requirement through the Northfield Option program.

Northfield Option will be offered to rising seniors with a current class year of 2021 only. Approximately 80 seniors will be given the option to live in non-College owned housing next year.

The Northfield Option Application is due to the Office of Residential Life by noon on Monday, February 10.

  • Please ensure the application notes the lowest lottery number of your group, since that is how we will determine which groups are eligible.
  • Please ensure all students applying with the group are included in the initial application.
  • Please ensure all students have read and understand the Northfield Option guidelines.

Beginning the morning of Tuesday, February 11, we will process all applications in order of lottery number. The total number of groups granted Northfield Option will depend on the size of each group (max of 5 without prior approval). Students will be notified via email by 5:00pm on Tuesday, February 11, if they have received Northfield Option. All rising seniors are welcome to apply. Any student who applies but is not granted Northfield Option will be put on a wait list.

Like Room Draw, rising seniors will be able to select roommates for Northfield Option Draw. Each senior will be allowed to include up to four other seniors in their request for Northfield Option. All members of a group must live at the same address in the same rental unit. After an offer is made, seniors offered Northfield Option will have two weeks to secure an apartment and submit a confirmation that they are accepting Northfield Option.

Who’s eligible?

Students who are classified by the Registrar’s Office as class year 2021 are eligible to apply to live in non-College owned housing.

How to apply

What Do I Do?

Complete the Northfield Option Application prior to noon on Monday, February 10. If offered, you and any proposed roommates will have two weeks to return the signed offer letter to Residential Life.

Do not sign a lease for off-campus housing until you receive a Northfield Option offer letter from Residential Life. A signed lease agreement does not guarantee that you will get Northfield Option.

How Do I Accept if Offered?

It is imperative that you return your acceptance letter by 5 p.m. on the date indicated on the offer letter. Along with your acceptance you must also provide a copy of your Rental Lease with the names of all group members, indicating that you all live at the same address. Failure to respond by the deadline is interpreted as declining Northfield Option and an offer will be extended to another student.

What if I Don’t Receive an Offer?

Rising seniors who apply for Northfield Option by the deadline and are not offered Northfield Option will be placed on the wait list in order by lottery number.

What if I Decide to Apply After the Deadline?

Seniors who apply for Northfield Option after the deadline will no longer be offered based on their lottery number but rather on a “first come, first served” basis according to request date. To sign up after the deadline come to the Office of Residential Life, Sevy G10, during office hours.