Safety is fundamental to group living. We need each resident to do their part in keeping our residential spaces safe for everyone. Please contact Security Services or Residential Life if you have any questions.

  • EMERGENCY: 911 or 9-911 (from campus phone)
  • Residential Life: 507-222-4072
  • Security Services: 507-222-4444 (24 hours a day)

Carleton’s Emergency Preparedness Plan addresses appropriate preparation for and response to life-threatening campus- or city-wide emergencies.

Members of the Carleton community are encouraged to sign up for the CarlAlert Emergency Notification Service, which is designed to broadcast notices and instructions through cell phone text messages and email in the event of a serious emergency situation.

Security Services maintains and evaluates the campus emergency procedures

Carleton provides locks on all residence rooms and our residence halls are equipped with an electronic door locking system that requires you to have and use an access card. You will be issued both a room key and an access card. We ask that you carry them with you at all times. Hiding them above door frames or elsewhere does little good in keeping you and your room safe. Residents living in our houses are issued outside door keys and can choose to keep the outside door of the house locked.

Keeping your doors locked

Keeping doors locked is the best way to secure your property and yourself as well as those sharing your living quarters. Residents are encouraged to keep their rooms locked at all times, especially when sleeping or absent from the room. Be careful not to allow strangers to enter your room.


When entering a door that has the electronic locking system, please be certain not to let others “tailgate” in with you unless you know they have a OneCard and are authorized to be in the building. If someone insists on coming in without authorization, please contact Security Services (ext. 4444).