Information and reservation forms related to housing between academic terms.

Fall Pre-Season & Early Arrival Housing

Pre-Season Housing is for athletes only and is reserved by the team coaches.

Early Arrival Housing is for students who are working on campus and reservations are made by the department supervisors.

If your coach or supervisor has requested that you return to campus prior to the Friday of returning student move-in weekend. Please contact them with your date of arrival.

The Residential Life Office summer office hours are 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. Our office will not be open on weekends unless a department makes arrangements with the Director of Residential Life.

Winter Break Housing

Winter Break Housing 2020

What is the cost?

  • Residing on campus includes a meal plan.  The cost is $30 / day with a maximum cost for the entire break being capped at $1000.
  • The cost will be billed to your student account.
  • Departments may not fund housing expenses on behalf of the student due to the taxable nature of the payment. Winter Break Housing expenses will be billed to the student’s Carleton account.
  • If you change plans, you must email

Where will I live?

  • Students will be able to remain in their Fall Term assignment if they live in a traditional residence hall or townhouse.  We will work with students living in draw or interest houses to relocate for break.

To Request Winter Break Housing:

On-campus students received closing information by email on Monday, October 26, which included a link to request break housing.

 If you have questions contact

Spring Break Housing

Spring Break Housing is available for:

  1. Athletic team members with authorization from the Athletic Department.
  2. Students working at least 20 hours per week in an on-campus job with verification from employers (Student is responsible for spring break charges).*
  3. Seniors working on comprehensive exercises with advisor verification (Student is responsible for spring break charges).*
  4. Students taking courses at St. Olaf (Note: If you are enrolled in a course at St. Olaf, you will not be charged for your room).
  5. Students who live more than 450 miles away, including International Students with verification from Office of International and Intercultural Life (Student is responsible for spring break charges).*
  6. Participants in approved campus sponsored groups with verification (CCCE and Career Center).

*Departments may not fund housing expenses on behalf of the student due to the taxable nature of the payment. Spring Break Housing expenses will be billed to the student’s Carleton account.

What is the cost?

The cost of $10 per day (room only) which will be billed to your student account. If your change plans, you must email by Tuesday, March 10 to avoid additional charges.

Where will I live?

  • All of the Residence Halls, Townhouses, Faculty Club, and Parish will be available for Spring Break Housing.  If you do not live in one of these areas you must find a space either:
    • With someone else staying for the break in an approved area
    • By borrowing a room from someone in Cassat or Evans
  • Rooms that will be completely vacated at the end of Winter Term are not available for Spring Break Housing.
  • If you are borrowing a room in Cassat or Evans your OneCard will need to be encoded on Tuesday, March 17 to give you access to your Spring Break room. 
  • All residential locations close for students without a Spring Break Housing Reservation at 2:00pm on Tuesday, March 17.
  • To find a room to borrow, talk to friends or classmates or find other peers who are staying for spring break and see if you can pair up in a room.
  • Your housing reservation will be confirmed by Friday, March 13.

To Reserve Spring Break Housing:

If you have questions, stop by the Office of Residential Life, Sevy G10, or send an e-mail to

Spring Break Housing Reservation

Commencement Week Housing 2020

Who’s eligible to stay on campus between Tuesday, June 9 and Saturday, June 13?

  • Graduating Seniors (stay in their spring term room assignment until 5 p.m. on Commencement Day)
  • Siblings of Graduating Seniors who are spring term Carleton residents (will receive an email in April with reservation form attached)
  • Spring Term Residents who are working for a department (reservations are made by departmental supervisors)
  • Summer Residents (please go to the Summer Housing webpage)
  • Guests of Graduating Seniors (rooms available with reservation from Friday, June 12 through noon on Sunday, June 14)

Summer Housing 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic students who are not currently on campus are not eligible to return to campus for housing during Summer 2020.