While the majority of residential buildings and campus services are offline during College Break Periods, the College recognizes that some students may need campus housing. Students who meet break housing criteria may apply for break housing. Applications will be reviewed weekly and confirmation emails will be sent to those students who have been approved. Travel arrangements should not be finalized until a confirmation email has been received. View the Residential Life Housing Calendar for all approved return and departure dates for the current academic year.

Winter Break Housing

Winter Break Housing begins the evening of Tuesday, November 21, 2023 through Monday, January 1, 2024. Students will be billed based on the number of nights reserved.

Winter Break Housing Cost

  • The cost for Winter Break housing is $14/night.
  • A full break reservation is 41 nights.
  • The total housing charge will be billed directly to a student’s account. Departments may not fund housing expenses for student employees due to the taxable nature of the payment. This does not include students for whom their employment requires housing (Resident Assistants, Dacie Moses, etc.)
  • Changes or cancellations to an existing reservation must be emailed to reslife@carleton.edu by Friday, November 10. Changes after this date will be subject to a $50 Administrative Fee.
  • Visit Dining Services for information about available break dining options.

Current On Campus Students who meet one of the following criteria are eligible to apply for Winter Break housing:

  • Varsity Athlete with authorization from the Athletic Department. (PEAR Department will cover costs of housing).
  • Student working in-person and on-campus at least 20 hours per week.
  • Student who is completing an in-person Carleton sponsored externship.
  • Senior working on comprehensive exercises with an advisor.
  • Student taking a course at St. Olaf (If you are enrolled in a course at St. Olaf, you will be billed for a housing and a credit removing the charge will be applied).
  • International Student.

If you have a personal circumstance in which you need housing but that does not meet any of the above criteria, please submit the request form to provide additional information about your situation. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

Break Housing Exclusions

  • Students may apply for the following: extension to Fall Term housing, early arrival for Winter Term, or a full break reservation. Discontinuous reservation requests are not permitted.
  • Break housing is not available for students who do not have a Winter Term housing assignment.
  • Eligible students who do not have a Fall Term housing assignment will not be housed prior to Tuesday, November 28.

Designated Break Housing Locations

Many residential spaces undergo essential maintenance projects during College Break Periods. For this reason, certain residential spaces may be offline and students may have to relocate. Additionally, communities may be offline if the number of approved students falls below a certain threshold. Updates will be shared closer to the end of term.

  • Interest Houses, Draw Houses, and Townhouses will be offline during Winter Break. Students approved to stay for break and whose housing assignments are in these communities will need to work with Residential Life to locate an alternative on-campus option.
  • Evans Hall is scheduled to undergo a transition from OneCard readers to brass keys per residential room. This work will require service staff to enter student rooms and will also require Winter Break and Winter Term Evans residents to pick up a key from Residential Life. More information will be shared closer to the end of Fall Term.

To Request Winter Break Housing:

If you are eligible for Winter Break Housing, complete the form below.

Break Housing Requests are due by Monday, October 30.

Requests that are submitted after this date will be handled on a case by case basis. Approved requests will be subject to a $50 Administrative Fee in addition to break housing costs.

 For questions, contact reslife@carleton.edu.

Spring Break Housing

Summer Housing & Early Arrival

Summer Housing General Information

Summer Housing is made up of three distinct sections: Commencement Week Housing, Summer Break, and Early Arrival. Students can apply for on campus housing for the dates they meet the eligibility requirements (see below), eligibility will require verification from a supervisor, coach, professor, etc. Detailed arrival and departure instructions, as well as total costs, will be outlined in the confirmation email to a student once they are approved. 

Arrival Instructions for Break Housing

Students who have been approved for break housing must arrive on a weekday, Monday – Friday, between 9:00am and 4:30pm when the office and access to storage is available. Students who request a weekend arrival may not be able to pick up a key and move into their summer assignment until the next Regular Business Day.

Students who are approved for consecutive Summer Sections should not vacate between sections. Only if the reservation periods are disjointed will a student need to vacate summer housing and that student will be rehoused.

Paying for Break Housing

Each summer section will be billed separately as the rates and meal plan requirements vary. As per Business Office policy, break housing costs will be billed directly to a student’s account. In some instances, Departments may cover the costs of break housing which will come in the form of a “credit” on the student’s account. Students whose housing is covered can view both the initial bill and the credited amount. Student’s whose housing is not covered will be responsible for covering the costs of break housing independently. 

Break Dining Options

Meal plans are required during Commencement Week and Early Arrival periods and will be included in the housing costs. More information regarding available summer dining options will be communicated by Dining Services

Eligibility Requirements

Students who meet one of the listed eligibility requirements must apply and be approved for housing prior to finalizing travel plans. Students who are not eligible can email Residential Life directly to discuss the details of their request and to be considered for housing. The list outlined below applies to all summer sections. Certain student groups may not be eligible until the appropriate summer section and are outlined in the respective section descriptions.

  • International Students
  • On-Campus Employment
  • St. Olaf in-person course enrollment
  • Supervised Summer Research or Fellowships
  • Carleton Approved Internship/Externship

Commencement Week Housing

Tuesday, June 6 to Saturday, June 10

Cost: $150
Earliest Possible Arrival Date: *Must have an on-campus Spring Term housing assignment
Latest Possible Departure Date: Saturday, June 10 at 2:00pm
Housing Location: Spring Term Housing Assignment
Section Specific Approvals: Siblings of graduating seniors; Reunion and SLAI employees (housing requests for students working for Reunion or SLAI programs will be handled by the supervisor)
Meal Plan: Yes, included in the housing cost

*Students who do not have an on-campus Spring Term housing assignment are not eligible for housing until Monday, June 12.

Summer Break

Monday, June 12 to Friday, August 18

Cost: $14/night (meal plan is not included)
Earliest Possible Arrival Date: Monday, June 12
Latest Possible Departure Date: Friday, August 18
Housing Location: Musser Hall
Meal Plan: summer residents approved to remain in campus housing between August 18 and August 25 will be able to opt into the available meal plan.

*Departments cannot cover the costs of Summer Housing. Students will be required to cover the costs independently.

Early Arrival

Early Arrival is reserved for students whose campus involvement plays an integral role in preparing the College to open for New Student Week activities. Students approved to arrive during Early Arrival will move directly into their Fall Term housing assignment (certain Pre-Season Athletes will be in temp housing for a short period of time). *Students who do not have an on campus assignment for Fall Term are not eligible for Early Arrival housing.

Supervisors and Coaches are responsible for sharing an Early Arrival Roster with Residential Life. Students should work with their supervisor to ensure the position includes housing prior to standard move-in days (September 9 and 10). Residential Life will share move in information early August in order for students to plan their arrival.

Students who request a change to their arrival date must get approval from their supervisors. Requests submitted to Residential Life will be rerouted to the supervisor or coach for approval which may delay response time.

Independent Requests
Students who need to request Early Arrival Housing and who are not a part of an approved early arrival group must email reslife@carleton.edu. Requests will be processed on a case by case basis.

Cost: $36/day (includes housing and cost of required meal plans)

Required Move Dates: Supervisors will communicate approved arrival dates. Summer and Pre Season students will be instructed to move to their Fall Term housing assignments between August 21 and August 24.

Meal Plan: All Early Arrival students are required to be on a meal plan. The plan will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and will be included in the Early Arrival costs.

Storage: Open Storage Hours will be posted online in mid August. Available hours will be based on the storage location records we have for those students approved to arrive on a specific date. Students who arrive outside of these hours will need to work with their supervisor to attend the next available Open Storage shift for the desired location.

Full Summer

Tuesday, June 6 to Saturday, September 9. 

This is designed to provide an easier cost and billing option to students who are approved to remain on campus from the closing of Spring Term to the beginning of the upcoming Fall Term.

Cost: $1,400 (includes costs of required meal plans)
Required Move Dates: Students will be asked to move from their Spring Term assignment to Summer Housing between June 9-June 11; Moves from Summer Housing to Fall Term assignments will occur August 21-24. Students approved for a full summer must be on campus during these dates to complete the required room moves.
Meal Plan: Required meal plan during Commencement Week and Early Arrival sections

*Students who do not have an on-campus Fall Term housing assignment are not eligible for a full summer reservation. These students must vacate campus housing on Friday, August 18.

The Summer Housing Request Form is CLOSED

Students who completed a form by the deadline and who have been verified by their supervisor can expect to receive a confirmation email by May 23.