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  • Confirm Your Housing and Meal Plan
    • Students returning to campus have been issued the 20 meal plan. If you would like to be on the 15 meal plan, please submit your meal plan change before noon of the 5th day of classes.
  • Housing Information Request Form (Link is emailed directly to students)

Vacancy List – Spring Term 2023

This vacancy list file below was last updated on 2-9-23 and will continue to change as students update their housing plans.  We will post an updated list every few days.  If you are currently off campus and wish to draw into one of these spaces, please coordinate with the roommate(s) and submit the housing preferences form accordingly.  Single rooms are not shown on this list, they are distributed by lottery number.

The Winter and Spring Term Room Selection Process

The fourth week of fall term and the third week of winter term, Residential Life posts a vacancy list in The Hub of all the occupied rooms that will have vacancies in them the following term. As students notify the College that they will be going on off campus programs, leave of absence, etc., the rooms they are vacating are identified and posted to the list. (The only exception will be rooms that are completely vacated, which are not posted but are assigned by Residential Life staff.)

Students who have openings in their rooms are invited to “draw” someone into their room. During the fourth and fifth weeks of fall and winter terms students with vacancies may draw in students currently housed on campus. During the sixth and seventh weeks only students returning from off campus can be drawn in to a room. The Vacancy List is updated as draw-in forms are submitted.

What is the timeline for making arrangements for housing for people off campus?

The vacancies are created by people going on off campus programs, taking leaves or graduating from the College. Res Life is made aware of the names of those people about the fourth week of every term. It is then that we can identify the rooms with opening for the following term. The vacancy list on The Hub is then updated and notices are sent to the residents of the rooms who have openings with relevant dates noted.

What should I do if I…

…am returning to campus and need a room?

Complete the housing form to coordinate your return.

…have an opening in my room?

  • During the term, students who wish to change rooms are referred to the online vacancy list. Although we encourage students to talk to the current residents of a room prior to requesting placement in a room, it is important for you to know and understand that someone can be placed into any available vacancy at any time during the term. Every effort is made to make housing assignments based upon the preferences of the students involved. If a placement is made, we will send notification as soon as possible after the assignment is made.
  • For future terms, find someone who is returning to campus or someone who wants to change rooms and draw them into your room using a draw in form. You will be mailed a draw in form by our office.
  • Wait for your vacancy to be posted and let others contact you.
  • If you don’t draw someone in, Residential Life will assign someone.

…am looking for a completely vacated room?

  • Vacated rooms are not posted, and are usually very limited.
  • Vacated rooms are first offered to students returning from off campus.
  • Lottery numbers (available on The Hub) determine placement on the list for completely vacated rooms. Generally, only seniors and juniors have numbers low enough to be assigned to a completely vacated room.
  • If there are still rooms available after returning students have been assigned, offers will be made to currently housed students who have requested a room change in order by lottery number.