It’s never fun being sick, but knowing what resources exist can make it easier to get what you need to make being sick a little less miserable!

Seeking medical care on-campus at SHAC

Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

You can receive care by making an appointment:

  • By phone (507-222-4080) or online (;
  • By walk-in appointment (when available); or
  • By calling and asking that a medical provider in SHAC call you back to answer questions about the care you may need.

After-Hours, Weekend, and Off-campus Medical Care

Students may receive care at Northfield Hospitals and Clinics Urgent Care or Emergency room for local in-person care. Students may also utilize TimelyCare for medical care at any time of day. More information about off-campus medical care.

Transportation for off-campus medical care

Please visit the Carleton College Transportation website for information about how to secure transportation for medical care off-campus.

Getting food from the dining hall

If you are on a meal plan, you can give your OneCard to your roommate/friend/RA and have them bring you food from the dining hall. In order to do this your roommate/friend/RA just needs to present your OneCard when they swipe in and tell the person at the swipe in station that they are taking food to a sick friend. They will then be given a takeout box and a soup container and will be able to bring you food. More information can be found on the Dining Services website.