Commitment to Care for All Students

There is no charge for medical and counseling visits at SHAC. Professional care is included in the Carleton comprehensive fee. Occasionally we provide laboratory tests, medications, and/or medical supplies for which we charge a fee to cover our costs. We recognize the potential financial burden of additional fees and our priority is to provide appropriate medical care to all students. If SHAC fees are a barrier for you, please speak with your medical provider or consider emergency funding through the Dean of Students Office.

Costs for Services

  • No charge for office visits with a medical provider in SHAC.
  • Laboratory tests, medications, and/or medical supplies are provided at a reasonable cost.
  • Student Health and Counseling does not submit claims to health insurance carriers.
  • If you obtain health care off-campus, there are separate charges which are billed to your insurance plan. Please visit the Business Office website for more detailed information about insurance coverage.

Costs for SHAC services can be paid in two ways:

  • You can pay with your OneCard (Schillers) at the time of service*
  • You can choose for the fee to be billed to your student account**

*Charges to OneCard are not itemized, so services rendered are not listed.  Also, only students can get a listing of their OneCard transactions.  It is, essentially, as private as paying cash.

**Due to confidentiality laws, we only provide the Carleton Business Office with a date of service and the dollar amount to be billed. If a student needs a detailed receipt, please contact Student Health and Counseling.

Fee Schedule


  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea testing: $40
  • HIV: $20
  • Syphilis: $10 or $20, depending on test type

Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • Pap smear: $30
  • Plan B (Emergency Contraception): $10
  • Pregnancy test: $5
  • Birth Control Pills: $10/cycle or month
  • Wet Prep (Yeast/BV/Trich): Free

Tuberculosis Testing

  • PPD/Mantoux placement: $15
  • IGRA: $70

General Medical

  • Rapid Strep test: $5
  • Mononucleosis test: $5
  • COVID/Flu test: $20
  • Urinalysis: $5
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) lab: $5
  • Ferritin lab: $10
  • Hot/Cold Pack: $5
  • Ace Bandage: $5
  • Arm Sling: $10
  • Ankle Brace: $15-$35, depending on type
  • Wrist Brace: $15-20, depending on type
  • Digital Thermometer: $5
  • NetiPot: $10
  • Crutches (temporary loan): Free, unless crutches aren’t returned, then the student is charged at cost.

Immunizations (Provided On-Campus by Homeland Health)

  • Influenza: $35 injection
  • TDAP (tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough): $65
  • Hepatitis A: $85 each (series of 2 required to be fully immunized)
  • Hepatitis B: $90 each (series of 3 is required to be fully immunized)
  • MMR (measles, mumps, rubella): $100
  • Meningococcal: $150
  • HPV (human papillomavirus): $250 each (series of 3 required to be fully immunized)

Students pay at time of service and may later submit claim form for insurance reimbursement. Students should make an appointment at SHAC prior to the monthly immunization clinic to review immunization coverage provided by the Carleton Student Injury & Sickness Plan.